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September 19, 2019, 04:02:07 pm
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Author Topic: Waves  (Read 4665 times)
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« on: July 17, 2010, 12:45:55 am »


This tut was written on July 14, 2010 by me, Beverly
It is written using PSPX; I'm sure the same effects are available in other versions.
Any similarity to other tuts are not intentional.

A tube and a close-up or an image.
I'm using the work of Ismael Rac.
You need to purchase a license to use this work from XERACX.

Also used:
Rainbow Coffi tube, can be found Psp-Playground
Easy place to join, but you have to join to be able to access the tubes and tutorials.

The following filters:

MuRa's Meister - Copies - Wall Paper Shrink or Rotate
VM Distortion - Radial Pox
Xero - Porcelain
Eye Candy 4000 - Gradient Glow
Corel is now selling Jasc Animation Shop

A wonderful Friend made 2 selections for this tut
one wide
one thinner
You can download them here, BOX.
Load these in your Selection folder in your Paint Shop Pro file.

Thank you very much Spawn
Please visit his web site for his forum tuts Daves Unique PSP 

Font of choice (I'm using "A&S Snapper Script")

Let's begin!

Open a new image, 600x250.

Paste the close-up copy of the tube or a copy of the image  to your blank image,
Mura Meister Wallpaper Rotate or Shrink at default settings, or whatever setting
needed to make sure the whole image is covered and you have the color coverage.

I then applied VM Distortion, Radial Pox to this layer.

Motion Blur at the following settings.  Do the Blur twice.

Effects, Edge effects, enhance more
Effects, Edge effects, erode
Effects, Edge effects, enhance

Duplicate layer, Mirror, Flip then set the blend mode to Soft Light - or
to a setting that appeals to you.  The second set below the setting is at screen or it would
have been too dark.  Merge down.  Mark this Background Layer.

Add a New Raster Layer, Load one of the Selections provided at the start of the Tut - chose one
of the two, their name is Spawn 12line-Wide or Spawn 12line-thin, Flood Fill Selection (with whatever color)
and then select none.

Then I applied Effects, Distortion Effects, Wave at these settings.

Always remember you can change the settings to suit your tastes - the second time I did this I
changed the wavelength to 40 instead of 18 coz it was to scrunched up for my is all a matter of choice.

We will animate this layer later - so name it Waves.

Copy and paste your Close-Up and place it on either side.  Then resize your copy of the small tube to be 300
pixels in height.  Then Paste it into the Forum Tag.  Place it at the other side.

I copied the Maidenhair Fern my Rainbow Coffi, and placed it beneath the Close-Up tube, Add a bit of Drop
Shadow to the tubes that is your favorite.

I then used Xero, Porcelain to Ismael Rac's tubes, I like the softened effect it gives them.  All settings are
normal but make sure all colors are at Zero.  Also, make sure you put a bit of drop shadow on these
tubes as well.

Then I make sure all the tubes are the size of forum set at this point.  So I use my Crop Tool and make sure
the size is the size you wish your forum set to be....600X250, then click on the green check mark.

Select All, Selections, Contract by 6, Invert.  Add a new Raster Layer.  Then fill with a color you wish to frame your
tag with.  I used black and then applied Effects, Texture Effects, Weave at these settings:

You can choose any color as your Weave Color and Gap color - I used the same color for both.

Now add your copyright and license numbers - I used a bit of Gradient Glow on mine in an accent color.  If you
don't have Eye Candy 4000, you can always do the same thing with your drop shadow in an accent color and use
plus and minus settings.

Add your Name in whatever color you decide and font of your choice.

Close the eye on the Background Layer and the Waves Layer, and then merge visible, and mark this Topper.


Now copy the Waves layer and take it to Animation Shop.

I used Insert Image Effect, Underwater

Then click on Customize on this screen:

Make your waves at these settings

1 ) X+10  Y-23
2 ) X-17   Y-14
3 ) X-29   Y+5
4 ) X+20  Y+21
5 ) X-17   Y+17
6 ) X+0    Y+21
7 ) X+14  Y-10
8 ) X+17  Y+2

Then click ok,  You will have 10 frames, but delete the 10th frame that has no animation on it.

Copy your background layer and take it to Animation shop and paste as a new layer, then push the
Control key and push the letter L till you have 9 layers.

Edit, Select All.

Go to your animated Waves layer, Edit, Select all, Copy

Go back to your Background layers and paste into Select Frame.  This should put the waves on the
background.  I go to View and click on Animation to make sure it worked.

Go back to PSP and click on the Topper.  Click on Copy.  Take to Animation Shop and paste
as a new animation.

Go to Edit, make sure Propagate Paste is clicked on - it is down the list when you click on Edit.

Click on Topper and copy.

Go to your background and animated waves and click on it,  Now Edit, Paste into Select Frame.
Being careful that you have all the edges covered with your edging.  View, Animation and check to
see if the edges flow smoothly.  If not, then click on Edit, Undo Paste - and try again - till all edges
are covered with your weave edging.

Then File, Save As - what you wish to call your tag and where you put them on your computer.

I used the Crop Tool sized to 150 X 150 to find the right spot for my Avatar.  Then used the button Crop as
New Image for the Avatar.  I took the Wave layer and applied the same effect to it as I did the larger one.
Followed the same instructions to bring the background and Topper over and put them together as
I did the forum set.

File Saved it also as a gif.

Here is another example, I used Vinegar for this set and you will need to buy her tubes and license from

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Thank you aremgy, for being able to post my tuts here!

(((((((Thanks to all who make me new clothes)))))))

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« Reply #1 on: August 18, 2010, 10:31:09 pm »

Thank you for the awesome tut Beverly.  Kiss

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« Reply #2 on: September 08, 2010, 07:52:21 pm »

Hi Beverly! Awesome tut! Can I ask you where did you get the  12 line preset shape, I am absolutely horrible at making straight so I thought maybe if I had  the preset shape I could do that instead of struggling with making 12 straight lines, Could you help me out ?
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« Reply #3 on: October 19, 2010, 10:49:00 pm »

Oh my goodness April, I just saw this awesome set you made for me at Beverly's Tuts, wow, thank you soooooo very much...I am trilled...Hugs, Inge
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Make someone's day - make them a forum set!

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« Reply #4 on: March 24, 2011, 08:26:55 pm »

Everyone - a small change to the tut - I have the 12 lines now as a Selection - with a download for that selection. 
This should make it easier for all to do Smiley
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Thank you aremgy, for being able to post my tuts here!

(((((((Thanks to all who make me new clothes)))))))
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« Reply #5 on: March 25, 2011, 12:52:49 am »

yay!  thanks so much dave!

i made my own, it has 1px white lines so really only works if there's white in the image.  (there's no place to attach in here!)

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