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December 17, 2018, 06:37:00 am
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**New** HEARTS

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Author Topic: **New** HEARTS  (Read 1628 times)
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« on: January 24, 2012, 11:22:36 am »


This tut was written on January 24, 2012.
It is written using PSPX; I'm sure the same effects are available in other versions.

A tube.
I'm using the work of Martin Abel.
A license and tubes for this artist may be purchased from CDO.

Choose a tube that is higher than it is wide.
Image - Resize to 400 pixels high.
Adjust - Sharpness - Sharpen.

The following filters:
MuRa's Meister - Copies

You'll need the font, "Champagnes & Limousines".
You can get that HERE.
You may also use another narrow font of choice.

The cursive font I used is "A&S Snapper Script".

Set your foreground color to a darker color from your tube; set your background color to a lighter shade of the same color.
You may also use two contrasting colors from your tube.

This tut shows how to make a tag using no scrapkits and no templates.
I will give the instructions to make everything.

You will need this element:

Right-click and save to your computer.
You may also open directly to your PSP.
To do that, right click on the element and hit Copy Image.
In PSP, right click on your workspace and hit Paste as New Image.

Either way, we are starting with the element.

Image - Canvas Size to 75 wide x 400 high, centered.

MuRa's Meister - Copies using the Line preset and the following setting:

Using your Magic Wand - set to Add(Shift) - click in each of the five complete hearts.

Selections - Invert.


Selections - Select None.

Selections - Select All.
Selections - Float.
Selections - Defloat.

Add a new layer.

Floodfill the selection with the lighter of your two colors.

Selections - Select None.

Add/Remove Noise - Add Noise - Uniform, 45, Monochrome checked.

Image - Rotate Right (not Free Rotate).

Change your background color to black, white, or a color of your choice.

Pick "Champagnes & Limousines" (or your chosen narrow font); size 48, Anti-alias set to smooth.

Set your font to vector.

Type out your word or phrase (I used "HEARTBREAKER").

Objects - Align - Center in Canvas.

You can stretch the wordart out by using the center of three little nodes on either side of the vector box.

When it is stretched to your liking, repeat the Center in Canvas to keep things neat.

Layers - Convert to Raster Layer.

Image - Rotate Left (not Free Rotate).

Add a small drop shadow to your word or phrase (I used 1, 1, 100, 1, white and 1, 1, 100, 1, black).

Layers - Merge - Merge Visible.

Set this aside for a bit.

Open a new image - 180 wide by 15 high.

Floodfill with your darker color.

Image - Canvas Size to 320 wide by 480 high.
Click the center button, but change the number in the Left box to 10; the number in the Right box will adjust itself.

MuRa's Meister - Copies using the same setting as earlier, but change the number from 6 to 21.

Using the Magic Wand, we are going to highlight some of the stripes.

Starting from the top, skip the first two stripes.
Highlight the next nine stripes down.
Something like this:

Selections - Invert.


Duplicate this layer.

On the bottom layer, Image - Flip then Image - Mirror.

Change the opacity of the bottom layer to 60.

Highlight the top stripe layer.

Effects - Texture Effects - Weave using 1, 3, 1, Fill gaps checked.
Change the color of both boxes to black, white, or a color of your choice.

Add a drop shadow (I used 0, 0, 50, 5, black).

As a new layer, add the completed element you set aside earlier.

Move into position as shown in the sample.

Add the same drop shadow you used on the stripes.

Add your tube as a new layer.

Effects - 3D Effects - Drop Shadow using 0, 20, 100, 50, black.

Add your name and all necessary copyright information.

Your tag is finished.
Save as a .png file so the background will be transparent.

Here is another example, using a wonderful image by Elias Chatzoudis:

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