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September 19, 2019, 04:04:06 pm
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Minimax Tut

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Author Topic: Minimax Tut  (Read 2036 times)
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« on: April 09, 2011, 07:44:00 pm »


This tut was written on April 09, 2011 by me, Beverly
It is written using PSPX2; I'm sure the same effects are available in other versions.
Any similarity to other tuts is not intentional.

A tube and a close-up or an image.
I'm using the work of Zlata_M.
You need to purchase a license to use this work from Here.

The following filters:

MuRa's Meister - Copies - Wall Paper Rotate
Filter Factory L - Minimax Deluxe
DSB Flux - Bright Noise

Font of choice (I'm using "Miss Fitzpatrick")

Let's begin!

Open a new image, 600x250.

Paste the copy of the image to your blank image,
Mura Meister Wallpaper Rotate at default settings,
or whatever setting needed to make sure the whole image is covered.  

Crop image to 600 X 250

Motion Blur at 45 Angle 100%.  
then mirror and flip.
Do this two to three times for the image to be blurred.

Effects, Edge effects, enhance once or twice
depending on your taste.

Duplicate layer, Mirror, Flip and Lower the opacity to 50%

Merge down

Duplicate and use the filter Filter Factory L, Minimax Deluxe
at the settings below - or another setting that may look good to you.

Change the blend mode on this to Luminance Legacy
or another blend mode more appealing to you.

Merge down

Use your selection tool and choose a small section to choose
the color you wish to animate.

Go to Selection/Modify/Select Color Range

Move your dropper over to your selected color and left click so that the color you want will be
in the color box.

Selections/Promote selection to Layer,Select None, then duplicate this layer twice

Use DSB Flux Bright Noise at 35 on each layer, and remember to hit the MIX button each time.
Make sure you toggle two layers off.

Move to the top Layer.

Paste your tube and place on the left, add a nice blurry drop shadow to your tube.

Paste your close up and place it on the right - so the portion you wish to see is shown.
Make the blend mode on this to be Soft Light or another blend mode of your choice.

Crop tag.

Now, make sure your close up layer is below your tube layer.  I then mirrored mine and
moved it so that it was showing but the cropped area is behind my tube. 
I didn't do this on the bottom tag - I left it on the right side.

New Raster Layer

Fill with a color of your choice to make an edging. 
Select All/Modify/Contract by 2 then Delete.

Duplicate the border two more times.

Add DSB Flux at 50% Mix to each layer and don't forget the MIX button on
each layer.  I added a bit of shadow to border.

Toggle off 2 layers for when you animate.

Add your copyright information as well as any appropriate license numbers that may be needed.

I added my Name at this time as well.

If you don't wish to animate then save as you normally would.

To Make Your Avatar

Shift D to duplicate your tag then crop to 150 X 150 or what you usually use.
Make sure you remove any layers that you don't wish - and if you don't want to
animate this - then save as above.

To Animate your tag

Now open up your Animation Shop,
With your PSP copy/merge all then paste into Animation Shop.
Back to PSP and close the layers you had open -
and open the next set of two (one background flux and border flux)
Copy Merge All - take to Animation Shop and paste After Current Frame
Back to PSP
Close the last two layers used and open the last two layers.
Copy Merge All - take to Animation Shop and paste After Current Frame.
Now I use F12 and save it to usual spot I save my Forum Sets.

You do the same with the Avatar if you desire the avatar to be animated.

Here is another example, that I used a FTU artist with the second set, Les Toil.

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Thank you aremgy, for being able to post my tuts here!

(((((((Thanks to all who make me new clothes)))))))

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